Door Seals, Weather Seals, Surface Protectors, Double Sided Tape Products, and Hook & Loop Fasteners.

Moroday manufactures and markets a wide range of sealing solution products, primarily aimed at DIY homeowners and hardware distribution outlets. Our product range features Door Seals, Weather Seals (in bulk and retail pack formats), Surface Protection Felt Products, Double Sided Tape Products, and Hook & Loop Fasteners.



Easy-to-Install Weather Sealing & Surface Protection Solutions

Moroday Products was established to provide a comprehensive range of ‘Do It Yourself’ sealing and home improvement products to the retail trade. We utilise both traditional, and state-of-the-art equipment and materials to make high quality products, with innovation always at the forefront of our thinking.

Our access to the very latest in sealing technology and converting methods has allowed us to design a range of retail-oriented products that embody quality and value for money.



User-Friendly Weather Seal Options for Today’s Savvy Consumers

We have pioneered a unique marketing method through researching the current methods of displaying and promoting DIY products that exemplifies our commitment to the increasing demand for DIY sealing products, and provides the end-customer with a modern easy-to-install solution.

We identified a need for a user-friendly display and dispensing method that adds value to the store operator and consumer alike. The freedom of choice includes products offered in both individually packed retail hang packs, and also as bulk spooled rolls dispensed by the metre.



Moroday Mission Statement

Our Goal is to maintain customer loyalty through superior service, quality and value.
Our Commitment is to continuing improvement in production and supply of quality products for our customers.
Our Mission will allow us to grow, deliver the best product to surpass our customer’s expectations, and thrive in a competitive regional market.



Moroday Vision Statement


  • Confidence – for our customers and ourselves
  • Service – delivering on our promises every time
  • Technical Excellence– making the best product possible
  • Cost Effective– value for money, reasonable prices
  • World Class Performance – high quality products that really WORK