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DIY Door Seals, Weather Seals, Surface Protectors, Double Sided Tape Products, and Hook & Loop Fasteners

Effective Door Seals and Weather Seals not only help you save money by reducing your home’s heating and cooling costs, but also help to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Our high quality weather seals, and other DIY household products, work to protect your home while keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Door Seals

Easy-to-install DIY Door Seals provide energy saving draft protection, while keeping out dirt, dust, insects, smoke and noise. Our wide range of Door Seals are easy to apply and can be trimmed to fit almost any size of door, and are available in a range of colours to suit your décor. See our complete range of Door Seals here.

Weather Seals

DIY Weather Seals also contribute to overall energy saving and draft protection for your home. Our range of hardwearing, self adhesive, easy-to-install weather seals come in bulk spools, mini spools, trade packs and handy retail packs. See our complete range of Weather Seals here.

Hook & Loop Fasteners

Affordable Moroday Hook & Loop Fasteners are handy for a multitude of household and industrial applications. Made of hardwearing and durable materials, they are reusable over and over again. Hook & Loop Fasteners come in handy retail, or large dispenser packs. See our complete range of Hook & Loop Products here
Surface Protectors

Scratch Savers protect polished surfaces from scratching by allowing furniture to be moved across polished wood and tiled floors, without abrasion or excessive noise. Made from high quality pure wool felt, rubber and tough natural cork, Scratch Savers protect your furniture and floors. See our complete range of Surface Protection Products here.

Double Sided Tape Products

Double Sided Tape is great for a wide range of general household applications, including fixing or mounting mirror tiles, wall panels, artwork and preventing damage to valuable objects from accidental knocking over by pets or children. Available in tape rolls or pre-cut shapes, Moroday Double Sided Tape is a practical and easy to use solution. See our complete range of Double Sided Tape Products here.